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    Solar Power System For Home

    reliable solar power system for home

    Long Term Reliability

    Our Technical Expertise, use of Premium Equipment and unwavering focus on Quality ensures that our residential solar panel systems perform reliably during its operating life of 25 years.

    Hassle-free solar energy for home

    Hassle Free Installation

    We provide end-to-end solution and hassle free home solar power installation, taking care of all aspects of project execution, including liaising and operation & maintenance services.

    Insolergy Solar Financing for Residential Rooftop Solar

    Easy Financing

    We support our customers in securing Bank Finance or PPA Investment for solar power system for home, thus reducing their burden of capital expenditure.

    clean solar power for home use

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Reduce your carbon footprint by adopting Solar Rooftop for Home. A 1 kWp Solar Plant can save around 32 MT of CO2 emissions during its operational life of 25 years.

    residential solar panel systems

    Premium Quality Products

    The solar energy products like solar panels and inverters that we offer are of premium quality, and come with best in class performance and warranty features.

    solar panels for home

    Relief From Power-cuts

    Our off-grid Solar Lighting system for home provides relief during those long hours of power outages, and saves cost of running diesel generator.

    Solar For Home In 3 Simple Steps

    Contact Insolergy for home solar panels installation

    Step 1:Contact

    Planning to get solar power for home? Contact Insolergy with your latest home electricity bill to instantly know your potential savings using solar energy

    House Survey and solar panel installation cost

    Step 2:Survey

    Our Solar Engineer will visit your house to perform a survey of roof-top and will provide you with detailed techno-commercial proposal for home solar system.

    Install home solar power system by Insolergy

    Step 3:Install

    You sit back and relax, while we take care of complete rooftop solar panel installation for your house.

    Calculate your gains using solar power

    Estimate savings on your electricity bill with Insolergy solar solutions. Also find out how long it would take to give you return on your investment.

    Solar Calculator

    Our Residential Solar Panel System Installations

    solar panels for residential society Pune

    30 kWp, Residential Society, Pune (MH)

    Yearly Production: 46,500 kWh
    Yearly Saving: Rs. 4.65 Lakh
    Yearly CO2 Offset: 42 MT
    Investment Recovery Period: 3.5 Years

    18.6 kWp Solar System, Residential Bungalow, Pune (MH)

    Yearly Production: 28,800 kWh
    Yearly Saving: Rs. 2.90 Lakh
    Yearly CO2 Offset: 26 MT
    Investment Recovery Period: 3.9 Years

    home solar power system Pune
    solar energy for home

    3.6 kWp, Residential Bungalow, Pune (MH)

    Yearly Production: 5,600 kWh
    Yearly Saving: Rs. 47.6 Thousand
    Yearly CO2 Offset: 5 MT
    Investment Recovery Period: 4.6 Years

    5.0 kWp, Residential Bungalow, Aurangabad (MH)

    Yearly Production: 7,750 kWh
    Yearly Saving: Rs. 66.0 Thousand
    Yearly CO2 Offset: 7 MT
    Investment Recovery Period: 4.4 Years

    solar power for home

    Easy Financing Of Home Solar Power System

    Insolergy can help you in securing bank finance for the solar power system for your home at attractive interest rates from leading public sector banks. The typical term of loan is 5 to 7 years, and the EMI paid is usually 70 to 80% of the electricity cost saved by going solar, thus resulting into direct savings of around 20 to 30% in monthly energy expenses.
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    Reduce your home electricity bill
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