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    A Leading Solar Energy EPC Company

    Insolergy Technologies is one of the leading Solar EPC Companies based in Maharashtra with offices in Pune and Mumbai. Founded by IIT Bombay Alumni, we primarily serve rooftop solar segment for residential, commercial and industrial users. Our strength lies in our technical expertise, highly skilled team and unwavering focus on quality.

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    Long Term

    Our Technical Expertise, use of Premium Equipment and unwavering focus on Quality ensures that our Solar Power PV Plant perform reliably during its operating life of 25 years.

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    Hassle Free

    We provide end-to-end solar EPC solutions and hassle free installation, taking care of all aspects of project execution, including liaising and operation & maintenance services.

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    Easy Solar

    We support our customers in securing Bank Finance or PPA Investment, thus reducing their burden of capital expenditure on solar power system.

    Calculate your gains using solar power

    Estimate savings on your electricity bill with Insolergy solar solutions. Also find out how long it would take to give you return on your investment.

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    Our Solar Energy Projects

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    Residential Bungalow, Pune

    Yearly Saving: Rs. 3.7 Lakhs
    Solar PV System Size: 18.6kWp
    Breakeven: 3.5 years

    Religious Trust, Mumbai

    Yearly Savings: Rs. 2.2 Lakhs
    Solar PV System Size: 14.72 kWp
    Breakeven: 3.5 years

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    Private Enterprise, MIDC Pune

    Yearly Saving: Rs. 0.6 Lakhs
    Solar PV System Size: 4kWp
    Breakeven: 4.5 years

    Industry, Perangut, Pune

    Yearly Saving: Rs. 49.8 Lakhs
    System Size: 400 kWp
    Breakeven: 4.1 years

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    Contact us today to schedule a FREE site survey of your residential or commercial premises. You may sit back and relax while our expert team provides you with hassle-free solar panel system installation services.

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