How to Choose a Good Solar Energy Company?

tips to choose a solar company and to find reliable solar installers

Solar installation is a long term investment. So you must choose a solar company such that you get maximum returns on your investment and hassle free installation and maintenance of the system.

But first understand that a solar company can be best in different aspects. You should ideally look out for the right fit for your purpose. Other than cost of solar power plant, there are many other factors which you must evaluate in identifying a company. My attempt is to highlight those non-cost related aspects which you must consider while selecting the a solar company.

What can go wrong if you choose a solar company which is not good?

Substandard Quality of Solar PV System Components

Companies offering cheap installations could be using low quality equipment. So your upfront solar power cost would be less, but in the longer run, it may turn out to be an expensive maintenance engagement.

Non Optimal Solar Solution Offering Lower RoI

Did you know installing higher capacity solar power system is not always the best way to reduce electricity bill? Even going 100% solar is not always the most optimum solar solution. Optimum installation depend on your energy requirement, space available, your geographic location and a host of other parameters.

Weak Foundation of Solar Power Installation

Having a solid foundation is the only way to safeguard against damage caused by wind and other external factors.

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How to choose the right solar company?

The biggest question arises now is – how (do i) to choose a solar company?

To clear your dilemma, we are pointing out the considerations to keep in mind while selecting a solar power company.

  • Equipment details

Most of the solar EPC companies use equipment manufactured from other sources and the panels usually come with over 20 years of warranty. Make sure the solar company your plan to hire uses equipment from the reliable manufacturer and posing the actual warranty while installing the system. 

Even if solar components looks easy and simple, management team or project team must be knowledgeable and experienced in technical details of electrical engineering and utility setup.

  • Full Service Solar Solution Provider

Full service solar company provides end-to-end solar solutions. They manage everything from start to finish, including analysis, design, project management, equipment procurement, solar panel installation, obtaining approvals, getting solar finance etc. Such type of solar companies have a wide experience team and provide a hassle- free solar PV system installation experience.

How to find a full service solar solutions provider?

Such type of companies are also known as solar EPC companies or turnkey solar provider. Insolergy Technologies is one such Indian solar energy company providing end-to-end solar solutions. For site survey, contact Insolergy

how to select a solar energy company

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  • Licensing and Approvals

If you don’t want to run around yourself for all required paper work and government approvals, then select a solar company which offer this facility.

  • Operations and Maintenance

The work isn’t over with solar PV system installation. Many solar power users forget to check with their solar company about after-sales services. Make sure the company is providing regular maintenance facility for smooth operation of the solar PV system.

  • Reviews, Feedback and Recommendations For Solar Company

You can always ask your friends and family; the good and wrong they felt about the company from where they got the solar PV system installed. Else, you can ask the solar companies themselves about their previous works and seek feedback from their clients.

  • Solar Financing Facilities

If you require financing for solar projects, there are some solar companies which provide financing options as well. At least understand the pros and cons of each option and find out what role would they play in getting the finance.

  • Ask Important Questions About Solar Energy and Installation

You can also ask the important questions about solar energy like the output power, weather conditions, whether the electronic equipment works well with solar, etc. In fact, look for a consultant who will help you make informed decisions regarding your solar installation without any personal bias. Your solar consultant should ensure that you’re aware of each step of the installation process, right from obtaining subsidies to how to maintain solar system.

Installing a solar PV system is a long term commitment between the client and the solar solution provider. It is better to brainstorm to find the best solar company than to regret later.

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  1. Dan Moller November 11, 2017

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about installing solar panels, I heard that it could eliminate the energy bills as well as it’s environmentally friendly. Thanks for your tip about choosing a company that uses equipment manufactured panels that offers over 20 years of warranty, I’ll be sure to ask about their ISO certification. Thanks, I’m gonna share this with my wife since we’ve been planning to have our solar panels installed in our house.

  2. Callum Palmer November 28, 2017

    I agree, if you want to take your house and go solar, then you need to choose a provider that offers full service solar solutions. After all, considering that solar power is only now starting to grow in popularity most people don’t know how to properly take care of their panels. Since this is the case, you want to make sure that the provider can provide you with repairs and other forms of help should you need it.

  3. Gloria Durst November 29, 2017

    I agree that you want a solar company that is licensed. It would be good to do this because they can help with government approval as well. My sister is looking into getting solar panels, so she’ll have to find someone who is licensed to help.

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    It’s difficult to find experienced people on this subject, however,
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