Solar Cost Calculator

Insolergy’s solar cost calculator is designed to estimate solar PV system installation capacity, cost, savings, RoI and IRR.This solar calculator also calculates the area required for the solar panel installation. The estimator tool can be used to calculate residential as well as commercial solar savings.

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Price Includes
Detailed design, all material, transport and taxes. 1 year AMC free.
Net Metering
Utility and facilitation charges extra.

Solar Power In 3 Simple Steps

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House Survey and solar panel installation cost

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Our Solar Engineer will visit your premises to perform a survey of roof-top and will provide you with detailed techno-commercial proposal.

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Step 3:Install

You sit back and relax, while we take care of complete solar panel system installation.

Easy Financing Of Solar PV System

Insolergy can help in securing bank finance for the solar PV roof-top plant for your home at attractive interest rates from leading public sector banks. The typical term of loan is 5 to 7 years, and the EMI paid is usually 70% to 80% of the electricity cost saved by going solar, thus resulting into direct savings of around 20% to 30% in monthly energy expenses.
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