Insolergy provides various solar financing options to suit the needs of diverse customers.

Easy Solar Financing by Insolergy

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Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI)

Insolergy helps residential and commercial users in adopting solar via bank loans.

Own a solar power system by paying for it every month at a low, fixed cost in the form of EMI. This EMI scheme for solar is typically availed as loan from banks like IDBI and SBI. Insolergy Technologies will help find the best loan option for you and facilitate the approval process to start installation at the earliest.

Insolergy has partnered with IDBI Bank Ltd. on pan-India basis, to assist eligible users to avail such loan, and has helped many happy customers to realize their goal of adopting solar energy. To inquire about solar panel installation and/ or solar loans on EMI, contact here

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solar ppa finance

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

With Insolergy's PPA, pay only for solar power, not the solar equipment or installation

Reap benefits of solar power without bearing the upfront investment cost. The solar project developer installs, maintains and owns the solar system. You just have to pay for solar power by the month based on your consumption, just like your utility bill, typically 25% to 40% lower.

PPA is also known as pay-as-you-go.

Solar Finance FAQs

What is Solar PPA?

Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA, in short) allows user to reap the benefit of using Solar power without having to bear the upfront investment. This option is suitable for heavy Commercial and Industrial Consumers, with Solar Project size of 200 kWp or above. A typical PPA is executed for a term of 15 to 25 years, during which the system is Owned and Operated by the Project Developer, allowing the User to pay monthly based upon their consumption at lower rate than Grid supplied electricity; typically 25% to 40% lesser.

This results in instant savings, from Day 1 of Solar Installation, and without worrying about the capital cost. The PPA Rate is pre-agreed for the entire duration of the PPA, and thus provides certainty and relief from frequently rising utility tariffs.

Additionally, the Operation and Maintenance of the Solar Plant is taken care of by the project developer. The user has to qualify certain minimum criteria to avail this financing option. Solar Project of size less than 200 kWp may be considered only on case specific basis for PPA. Read more about solar PPA and how it works.

What is Solar EMI?

Equated Monthly Instalments (or EMI, in short) are typically availed as Loans from banks like IDBI and SBI. These are suitable for project sizes from 1 kWp to 350 kWp, hence covering Small Individual users to Mid-size Commercial users. The term of loan is typically 5 to 10 years, decided on case specific basis.

The benefit of this scheme is reduced burden of upfront investment, along with system ownership. Additionally, the EMI for a typical project are around 15% to 25% less than the Savings generated by using Solar power.

For Commercial Users, this system ownership allows to take benefit of Accelerated Depreciation under Income Tax Act also. The project developer also offers complimentary Operation and Maintenance contract during the term of Loan.

The user has to qualify certain minimum criteria to avail this financing option.

What are the benefits of solar loans in India?

Banks like IDBI, SBI, etc are offering solar loans and companies like Insolergy are facilitating easy access to such loans. But what benefits do end users get from such solar energy loans? Read more

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