Common habits that waste energy at home

Rising electricity cost is concern commonly shared by most people these days. At Insolergy we constantly strive to help reduce your growing energy bills by bringing Solar power to your premises. In addition there are also some simple practices one can adopt to keep their power consumption under tabs.

Here we have listed some common habits which may need your attention-

  • Keeping the fridge open and taking time to decide what to eat.

Almost all of us follow this common practice. A study says, People spend 10.4 hours a year staring at an open fridge. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida says that being careless with opening and closing your fridge door wastes 50 to 120kWh of energy a year. This energy is enough to run your washing machine 50 times. That is by avoiding keeping the fridge door open for a long time you can have free laundry every year. Also, keeping the fridge at 40 degrees Celsius and freezer at 0 degrees, and frequently defrosting the fridge will add in saving energy.


  • Leaving electronic items on & plugged in overnight

Sometimes we get too lazy to shutdown our laptops or computer at night. Even cell phone draws some power after it is fully. According to measurements from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, an average cell phone draws 3.68 watts of power while it’s charging and 2.24 when charged. Similarly, our laptops drag 15 to 20 watts of energy when in idle state.


  • Still using traditional light sources and not energy savvy electrical appliances

Today we have CFLs and LEDs that save up to 80% energy. Similarly, we have electrical appliances that come with energy saving abilities. They not only consume less energy but they also emit less heat, which maintains your room temperature.


  • Leaving the lights and fans on in an empty room

Let us assume you are not using a 60-Watt light source for 12 hours and still the switch is on. This means you are wasting 720 Watts of energy per day. Now imagine a year, this count leaps to 262.8 kWh of energy wastage. Going by residential tariffs in Maharashtra, this amounts to extra Rs. 250 every month. Considering average household has multiple fans and lights, this amount quickly runs in to thousands. And if you have energy intensive equipment like ACs, heaters etc, your electricity can just multiply.

home lighting1

  • Falling asleep with your television ON.

Sometimes, we fall asleep on the couch while watching the television and not realize until its midnight that the TV is on. Traditional television sets consume up to 400 Watt of energy per hour. Modern televisions come with energy star models that use 30- 60 Watt of power, but this does not mean we should ignore this loss. As they say, every drop makes the ocean. Minimising our energy footprint is definitely good for the environment.


As we have stated earlier, Solar is great way to save money and also contribute to the environment (Refer Add that with some savvy practices, you may never need to worry about growing cost of electricity anymore.

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