Mumbai Mosque Saves Around Rs. 3 Lakhs Annually With 14.72 kWp Solar System: A Case Study

14 kw solar system commercial

14.72 kWp Solar Power System for Minara Masjid in Mumbai by Insolergy Technologies.


Insolergy Technologies was sub-contracted by Green Power Projects Pvt. Ltd for installation of commercial Solar PV Plant at the iconic Minara Masjid in Mumbai. The Masjid administration wanted to cut down on consumption of traditionally generated electricity, and reduce their carbon foot-print. This project not only reduced their overall electricity costs but was a definitive step towards contemporary historical conservation in the city. All around the world, old structures and heritage buildings are adopting solar power in order to go green.

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Key features of this project

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology, converting sunlight into electricity
  • Grid-connected system with Net-metering capability
  • Installation capacity: 14.72 kWp
  • Use of premium equipment, Tier-I Solar Panels and European Inverter
  • Estimated Average Monthly savings of Rs. 25,000
  • Estimated Net saving of  Rs. 3 lakh per annum



The project presented unique challenges in terms of planning and execution:

Heavy Traffic
The Minara Masjid is an iconic building right in the middle of a bustling Mumbai locality. Surrounded by busy roads on all sides meant shifting heavy material and equipment to the site had to be planned properly, to avoid congestion and inconvenience to the traffic.

Heritage Site
Lifting & Shifting of heavy material and installation had to be carried out ensuring zero impact on the building structure, sanctity and decorum of the holy site. Additionally, the execution was done in timely manner for minimal impact on the daily schedule of the site.

Safety of the installation team and visitors was of utmost priority, as the solar panels were installed at a height of 45 to 50 ft. from ground level. Plans were made, considering contingencies use of appropriate personal protective gear (PPE).

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