Solar: Latest Developments, Mar’17

Reviving our series on recent happenings in the field of Solar, we bring some of key items which made news in the last month.

  • 7000 Railway Stations in India to go Solar

In the Union Budget 2017, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced that energy requirement of 7000 railway stations in India will be fed by solar energy. This is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and switching to the more reliable source of energy. (Read More)

  • Government frames solar power scheme to promote powerloom sector

Minister of State for textiles, Mr. Ajay Tamta has announced that government has come with a ‘Solar Energy Scheme’ for development of powerloom sector. Under this scheme financial assistance and capital subsidy will be provided for units installation Solar Power Plants. (Read More)

  • Molecular ‘Leaf’ to Collect and Store Solar Power without Solar Panels

A team of scientists from Indiana University have engineered a molecule having- 1. Nanographene substrate to collect energy from sun, and 2. Atomic rhenium to produce carbon monoxide.

Nanographene is a nanometer-scale piece of graphite, a common form of carbon. The material’s dark color absorbs a large amount of sunlight. It’s a technique to store energy as a carbon-neutral fuel by not putting any more carbon back into the atmosphere. (Read More)

  • Solar Farms on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Tesla is incorporating the Kauai island project, which consists of a 52 megawatt-hour battery installation plus a 13 megawatt solar farm. As there’s no natural gas pipeline or rail route to import coal, Kauai Island in Hawaii has so far generated electricity by shipping diesel fuel. (Read More)

  • Advancement in the Printable Solar Cell Technology

Perovskite solar cells technology could lead to low-cost, printable solar panels capable of turning nearly any surface into a power generator.

In order to generate electricity, electrons excited by solar energy must be extracted from the crystals so they can flow through a circuit. That extraction happens in a special layer called the electron selective layer, or ESL. The difficulty of manufacturing a good ESL in Perovskite solar cells is resolved by introducing a new chemical reaction that enables to grow an ESL made of nanoparticles in the paint solution, directly on top of the electrode. (Read More)

  • Water can be the New Source for Solar Fuel

The researchers from California Institute of Technology have proposed a solar-powered catalyst to extract the Hydrogen atoms from the water molecule to generate power. This could lead to commercially viable solar fuels for future. (Read More)

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