Solar: Latest Developments, April’17

Power through Solar energy is $42 billion industry. This energy sector is growing rapidly in terms of research and development and commercialisation of innovative technologies. Continuing our series to keep your abreast with ongoing happenings, findings and developments in Solar Industry, we bring you major items especially technologies to enhance the power generation and storage capacity from sun.

  • “Harvesting water from dry air!” possible now with solar

Scientists from MIT have developed a solar powered device which can harvest water from the air. The device is even operable in dry climate with up to 20 percent air humidity. The device uses Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) crystals to absorb water molecules from the dry air.

It is useful to compensate the water supply in the arid zones. (Read More)

  • Solar Ferns to boost energy storage by 3000 per cent!

Researchers from RMIT University, Australia have developed an innovative technology inspired by the fern leaves, to overcome the solar energy storage challenge. The prototype uses graphene based electrodes and claims to increase the energy storage efficiency by 3000 per cent. (Read More)

  • “Solar Glass” to harvest energy from UV and infrared rays of sun

Scientists have come up with a glass, which contains special nano particles with solar cells at the edges. The glass allows the visible light to pass through and the Ultraviolet and Infrared components are routed to the edges. These routed rays are converted into electricity with the help of solar cells at the edges of the glass.

The technology has already been deployed at the self sufficient bus shelter in Melbourne. (Read More)

  • Storing solar energy as chemicals

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden have discovered a technique to store solar energy in chemical form. The idea is to enhance transportability of the energy. The stored solar energy can be released as heat with up to 80 percent efficiency. (Read More)

The research paper can be read here

  • Giant solar plant at Dubai to power 50,000 homes

In a step towards its plan to generate 75 percent energy from renewables by 2050, Dubai completed 200 MW plant, spread over 4.5 square kilometers of desert on March 20, 2017. The said plant comprises around 2.3 million photovoltaic modules and is capable of powering almost 50,000 homes. (Read More)

  • Spray technology for Solar Perovskite cells

Perovskites cells are hybrid organic and inorganic material, which is capable of forming a thin energy harvesting layer. Solar researchers are trying to mix the perovskite cells into liquid solutions. This solution can be sprayed on a surface, which on crystallization can harvest solar energy. (Read More)

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