Solar Net Metering in Maharashtra


About the process, clearances, tenure, etc related to solar power net metering policies regulated by Mahadiscom in Maharashtra.

Net Metering: Role of MAHADISCOM/ MSEDCL/ MSEB

Net Metering in Maharashtra for rooftop solar PV systems is regulated by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution/Transmission Company Limited (MSEDCL) or Mahavitran or Mahadiscom. Earlier it was called MSEB or Maharashtra State Electricity Board. So terms like Mahadiscom net metering, Net metering MSEB and MSEDCL net metering are used interchangeably.

Solar power in Maharashtra received a solid boost when the MERC Net-Metering Policy was approved on September 10th, 2015 by MSEDCL. This policy finally introduced the concept of net metering in the state. Since its implementation in January 2016, the policy has encouraged more and more people to adopt a greener lifestyle.

This article is an attempt by Insolergy to introduce net metering policy in Maharshtra, India. Insolergy Technologies is one of the top solar energy companies in Pune.

What is net metering?

A net meter is a device that records the units of electricity drawn and sent to the utility grid. Net metering allows customers to generate their own power and reduce their electricity bills at the same time.

For e.g. if your solar plant cannot generate enough electricity to satisfy your needs, extra power needed can be taken from the main grid and you will just have to pay for the units taken from the main grid . On the other hand, if you generate more energy than you require, you can sell the extra units of power back to the main grid.

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Net metering in Maharashtra / Mahadiscom net metering

According to the MERC Net-Metering Policy, any consumer who aims to install a solar PV with a capacity less than 1 MW can avail the benefits of this policy. Patrons can apply for meters either at the nearest Mahadiscom outpost, or on their website. Though the price of the PV installation is to be borne by the patron, the cost to install the meters will be incurred by Mahadiscom.

How does this apply to residential as well as commercial spaces in Maharashtra?

Mahadiscom Net metering policy for residential and commercial solar users

The residential consumers installing solar PV plants in their premises with the power generation capacity less than 1 MW to fulfil the entire or part of their electricity requirement are eligible for net metering connection with MSEDCL.

-This includes the housing societies and small commercial setup as well.

– The solar power generation under PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is also eligible for net metering.

How to apply for solar net metering in Maharashtra?

The policy even applies to patrons who are availing solar energy through a PPA system.

For anyone looking to apply for the net metering technology, they can download the solar net metering application form from the Mahadiscom website. The submission can be done either at the nearest Mahadiscom office, or online itself. A registration fee and documents about the solar power system that you own must be submitted along with the application form.

Following the submission of your form, a Mahadiscom representative will conduct a technical check in 15 days to ensure your solar power system is in compliance with the requirements such as

(i) AC Voltage level at which connectivity is sought

(ii) Sanctioned Load / Contract Demand of the Applicant

(iii) Rated Output AC Voltage of the proposed Roof-top Solar PV System

(iv) Available cumulative capacity of relevant Distribution Transformer

If a system is found to be lacking any of these prerequisites, the officer is deemed to provide the patron with at least 15 days more to rectify the faults. Failure to meet the deadline will result in your Mahadiscom net metering  being rejected.

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How your application for net metering gets approved

The approvals for each system vary according to their size and output. Depending on whether your system is Low Tension (LT) or High Tension (HT), the official requirements will also vary. This also affects the Time of Day (ToD) tariff system, so make sure you consult a professional solar solution provider to find out what applies to your specific area and the rates offered there.

Systems above 100 kwh are required to be approved by the superintendent engineer’s office.

After all approvals have been granted, the customer and Mahadiscom enter net metering connection agreement that is valid for 20 years. The customer can choose to opt out of the agreement before as well.


How to get a grid-connected solar power system with net metering in Maharashtra?

Insolergy Technologies is a rooftop solar solutions provider in India. Headquartered in Pune, Insolergy has offices in Mumbai and Pune. The company has successfully executed solar installation projects in residential and commercial segment. Insolergy also facilitates solar financing. To contact Insolergy for solar panel installation, leave a message or call at +919082786504.

how to apply for net metering

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