Types Of Solar System And Methods of PV Installation

The solar power generation efficiency depends not only on the location where it is installed, but also on the type of installation made at that particular location. We can broadly classify the types of solar system on the basis of:

  1. Types of solar power connection

  2. Types of solar panel mounting structure

1. Types of solar system installation based on power connection

A. On-grid or grid-tied solar power system

In on-grid or grid-tied type of solar system, the solar power generation system is connected to the electric utility grid.

on-grid type of solar system

  • When the consumption of power generated from solar exceeds that of produced solar electricity, home owners can then use traditional utility power source or the grid.
  • When solar power production is more than the consumption, then the excess solar electricity can be sold back to the utility company, thus making profit from selling the power. This process is called as net-metering. This is completely an automated system, and switching between the power supplies hardly takes any time and neither the user has to bother about. Read more about grid-connected net metering.

On grid solar power system also comes with battery backup system, to store the generated power, as the power consumption and production time usually differs.

Advantages of grid-connected solar power installation

  • Generates passive income through the facility to export excess electricity to the utility company.
  • Easier solar installation and ensures electricity even with lower solar power generation capacity.

Simplified introduction to On-Grid Solar Power System


B. Off-grid solar power system

types of solar system when connection is off-grid

In the off-grid solar power system type, the PV system is completely disconnected from the utility power grid. Storage batteries are required to generate and store power from sun, and use when required.
The excess power generated is only stored in the batteries and cannot be transported back to the utility companies like the grid connection. For prolonged excess power demand, electricity generators can be used as a power source to match up with the requirements.

Benefits of off-grid solar power installation

  • Brings power to the remote areas, where traditional grid connection is not reachable.
  • Uninterrupted power supply, even during power cuts.

Simplified introduction to off-grid solar systems

2. Types of solar system installation based on panel mounting structure

A. Flat roof solar installation

This is the simplest method of installation of solar panels on the roof of the residential or commercial buildings. Flat roof solar PV system installation provides flexibility for orienting the solar panels at specific angle to get the maximum exposure to the sun.
The solar panels are held together using any of the following three techniques-

  • Ballasts or weights: These are suitable in low wind zones. Instead of bolting the solar panels on the roof, weights are used to hold them in an array.

rooftop solar panel installation method

  • Mechanical attachment: Solar panels are mounted on the roof using metal beams. The metal structures can sustain the solar array positions even in windy zones.

solar installation

  • Hybrid mount: This technique uses both ballasts and beam to hold the panels together and cling to the roof.

B. Pitched roof solar installation

mounting structures of solar panels

This type of solar power installation is made on the angular roof. This technique is complex because the solar panels need to be held intact in the inclined surface of the roof.

C. Ground-mount solar installation

types of solar mounting structure

Some buildings are not suitable for installation of solar panels because of their location, sun exposure areas, etc. In such cases, where the land area is sufficient, ground-mounting of solar panels can be done. This installation type usually involves metal and concrete structures to fix the solar panels on and above the ground.

One of the important steps in going solar is site survey by solar installation companies. By looking at various parameters like your geographical location, space availability, wind intensity etc, solar power providers are able to determine the right type of solar installation. Hence, it makes sense to on-board a solar energy company which is equipped with the right kind of technical expertise to propose an optimum solar solution.

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3 Simple Steps to Get Solar Power System

types of mounting structures for solar panels

Insolergy Technologies is an emerging leader in Indian solar energy industry and installs grid-connected as well as off-grid rooftop solar power plants. To inquire about solar panel installation or for free site surveyCall / WhatsApp9082786504 or leave a message.

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