Project Management Consulting For Commercial Solar Installation

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Role of solar project management consulting companies especially for large installations.

There are many aspects that can derail a commercial solar plant project because of its sheer size or complexity. What looks like an attractive investment on paper may get affected by factors such as design schedule delays, material procurement issues, and on to final construction issues.

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solar project management consulting firm assists you at every phase of a project. They have a thorough understanding of solar policy, technology, project management and finance. With that, project management consultancies can assist from the early stages of site selection and feasibility right through to the project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance advisory.

Solar PMC provides following for solar power plant installations:

  • Feasibility study
  • Cost-Benefit Assessment with Sensitivity Analysis
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  • Preliminary or Detail Engineering
  • Tendering process
  • Support during Final Installation
  • Solar finance facilitation
  • Permits and Approvals

Solar project management consultants can support and catalyze planning and development of solar projects. They aim to maximize their clients’ return on investments (ROI) and accelerate project execution.

Commercial users going for large installations (> 200 kW) should definitely consider hiring professional Solar Consultants, to ensure maximizing their returns.

About Insolergy Technologies

Insolergy is a comprehensive EPC solar solutions provider in India. The company provides Turnkey Solar Solutions, Project Management Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy, Operations & Management and Solar finance facilitation for solar power plants in India. The company has offices in Pune and Mumbai.

Insolergy client portfolio for project management consulting includes both State Operated and Private Infrastructure Developers in field of Transport and Hydro Power, large Trusts, etc.

For inquiry or more details, call / whatsApp9082786504 or leave a message.

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